Partner Visas – 5 Little Known Facts

Recently, we noticed a number of permanent and temporary partner visa applications being rejected over mistakes that applicants make unknowingly. So, we thought we must prepare a list for you with help from a member RMA. This list has some important things applicants must take care of if planning to apply for a partner visa or a PR after being on a partner visa for at least two years.
1. Lodging before marriage
For offshore partner visa applications (subclass 309), it is possible to make an application on the basis of an intention to get married. Providing you are married by the time your application is assessed, you should be able to meet visa requirements.
2. Financial interdependence
Details of a joint bank account are often provided, but this is essentially useless unless both partners are actively using it. You may consider having your salaries paid into the accounting and having joint bills paid out of it. Other documents include joint insurances/ leases etc.
3. Statutory declarations from friends and family
They must be provided by an Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible NZ citizen. SC888 visa done by temporary residents or non-residents will not be sufficient.
4. Online lodgment
Lodging online is generally better than lodging a paper application. For instance, paper applications will require all your documents to be provided as certified copies, whereas colour scanned documents can be provided for online applications
5. Permanent partner stage
When making a partner visa application, you will be lodging a combined application for both a temporary partner visa and a permanent partner visa. Generally, the permanent partner visa can only be considered for grant two years after the initial application.