Департамент разъясняет ситуацию с малым количеством приглашений

Regarding the lack of invitations, the department has commented:
‘As background information, we carefully manage invitation numbers each month against the application pipeline, which includes both the subclass 189 Skilled Independent and New Zealand streams. We are also calculating forward against the reduced Skilled Independent category planning ceiling for the 2019-20 Migration Program. We have now completed two invitation rounds at the reduced invitation levels and uploaded the results onto our website.’

The Department further advises “.. As we have held a steady high rate of Skilled Independent (subclass 189) invitations in the first three quarters of the 2018-19 Migration Program year we now have a solid pipeline to take us through to the end of this program year and enter into the 2019-20 program year.

‘Furthermore, the 2019-20 Migration Program planned ceilings have been announced with the Skilled Independent category reduced to 18,652 places, which includes the subclass 189 New Zealand stream and the points tested stream’

We will now reduce our skilled independent invitation rounds for the remaining last quarter of 2018-19 program year to 100 invitations per month for the Independent Skilled stream and continue with 10 invitations per month for the Skilled-Regional Provisional (subclass 489) Family Sponsored stream.

This will keep us with a good pipeline of applications and the ability to keep inviting each month in 2019-20, and support applicants by not increasing processing times..”