Отзыв от Анастасии Л.

«I’d like to say lots of thanks to ADI. I was impressed very much with their service which included a very high standard of: efficiency and accuracy, ability to provide detailed and informative responses, guidance through the various stages of the process, timely responses to, and patience with any concerns, and overall excellence in regards to their professionalism. I am beyond thrilled and happy with the services they provided and am now the very happy recipient of a Permanent Resident visa for Australia (visa Subclass 175, Skilled Migrant).

I don’t think I could have accomplished this without them, and can’t thank them enough. Actually I applied several times to different immigration agencies, but unfortunately none of them could help me find an appropriate option to get PR. I cannot imagine any client not being happy with their services, and I strongly recommend them to anyone currently using or contemplating the use of their services.»

Anastasia, Melbourne (accountant)

Категория визы: профессиональная иммиграция в Австралию

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Артем и Мария

«Работа по подготовке документов на бизнес-визу была проведена компанией ADI, с нашей точки зрения...»

Лев А.

«Оформлял 163 бизнес визу с ADI. Переживал, что не получится, но всё получилось. И вот мы в Австралии!»

Тимофей Н.

«Этот агент — второй, с кем я начинал работать. Потерял полгода, сделал кучу лишней работы...»